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What are some examples of damages covered by tenant liability insurance?

What are some examples of damages covered by tenant liability insurance?

Tenant liability insurance covers civil liability in private life. This means it must relate to damage to third parties, such as the owner or neighbour , and must be accidental and sudden. It cannot be intentional damage, long-term damage, damage caused by substance abuse, or damage resulting from normal use.

Examples of damages where insurance applies include:

  • While taking a glass from the cupboard, it fell and shattered the induction plate.
  • Your dog tore the sofa belonging to the owner.
  • Due to a damaged hose in the washing machine, you flood the neighbour below.
  • Your child broke a car window with a ball in the neighbourhood parking lot.
  • A plant pot falls from your balcony and damages someone else's car.
  • While riding a bicycle, you accidentally hit and injure a pedestrian.
  • Your partner forgot to turn off the tap and flooded the owner's and neighbour's apartment.

Examples of common damages not covered by insurance include:

  • During a storm, lightning struck the building, and electrical equipment owned by the owner was damaged (the fault does not belong to the insured).
  • After a year of renting, the walls are dirty due to normal use, especially near light switches (normal wear and tear).
  • Throughout the rental period, the floor is gradually scratched by a pet (long-term damage/normal wear and tear).
  • Large water and soap stains have formed in the bathroom due to negligence and lack of cleaning (long-term damage).
  • The couch has stains and dents that occurred during the entire rental period (normal wear and tear).
  • A fight broke out in the apartment after alcohol consumption, and the furniture was damaged (substance abuse).

When assessing damage, consider the following questions:

Was the damage caused by me (or a household member or our pet)?

Is it damage to another person, not ourselves? Was the damage unintentional?

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