Accidental damage? With the tenant liability insurance it is not a problem

Invite tenants to insure themselves from PLN 39 – under your control, quickly and fully online

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Help tenants rent safer

From a laptop to household appliances, own data and a flooded neighbour – together with PZU company we have created a solution for tenants and your business

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Invite tenants to buy Third party liability insuranc, remotely and without formalities
Low costs
Insurance protection and peaceful rental from PLN 39 per year
Additional security
Faster claims handling with the help of the insurer

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48 /Year

Tenant liability insurance
Get insured
72 /Year

Tenant liability insurance
Movable property (contents)
up to PLN 3 000
Home Assistance
Get insured
180 /Year

Tenant liability insurance
100,000 zł
Movable property (contents)
up to PLN 10 000
Home Assistance
Super Plus
Legal expenses
up to PLN 30 000
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Invite tenants to insure themselves quickly and remotely

01. Create an account on the platform
Register or log in to the landlord's panel and go to the "Insurance" tab
02. Invite the tenant to insurance
Fill out the form, create an invitation and send the link to the tenant
03. Receive information about the policy from the tenant
After payment, the tenant has the opportunity to provide you with information about the policy

When will the insurance work?

Learn about situations in which an insurer pays compensation thanks to protection of a tenant

The neighbour's apartment from below was flooded due to a damaged hose in the washing machine?
Tenant liability insurance
Your child broke the window in a car with a ball in the neighbourhood parking lot?
Tenant liability insurance
While riding a bike, a passer-by was hit and injured because of your fault?
Tenant liability insurance

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What does tenant' verification look like?
The solution from allows for remote verification of the tenant, which involves:
  • 1. Confirmation of the identity of the tenant.
  • 2. Checking the amount of the tenant earnings, whether they are at a sufficient level compared to the rent. We verify whether the tenant earns at least twice the rental fees, i.e. if the given amount for the rental is PLN 2,000, we will check whether the tenant earns at least PLN 4,000.
  • 3. Verifying whether the tenant's payment and credit history contains information about late repayment of their liabilities.
What solutions can I use as a professional?
As a real estate agent or manager of apartments for rent, you can verify tenants, invite both tenants and landlords to insure themselves, accept payments for rent and conclude contracts online. In addition, we offer a number of services in cooperation with partners, e.g. issuing statements for occasional rental. Check more in the Pricing tab.
How can I cooperate with you?
If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us via e-mail or by phone +48 12 881 53 78.
How do you keep your customers safe?
Safety of users is our priority. We cooperate with specialized institutions and trusted partners. We pay special attention to data protection – thanks to this, the entire verification process guarantees the safety and comfort of both parties to the rental. Sensitive data is encrypted and is not transferred to other entities. In addition, we appear in the register of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and demonstrate compliance with the PSD2 and GDRP guidelines.
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