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Occasional lease? Not having an 'eviction' address shouldn't prevent you from renting your dream home

Get the address required to sign an occasional lease agreement
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What is an occassional lease?

An occasional lease agreement is an alternative to a regular agreement as it is concluded in writing for a fixed period, up to 10 years. It increases security and transparency and includes clear eviction rules. The agreement must include a deed of voluntary submission to enforcement concluded in a notarial form and a statement by the tenant indicating the property address they will move out to in the event of an eviction.
Don't have an address for an occasional lease? Use our solution
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Get an address for an occasional lease agreement in 3 simple steps

01. Read the T&Cs and prepare your personal details
Before placing an order, read the terms and conditions of the service and prepare your personal details: details of the parties to the rental agreement, dates of the agreement, address of the rented property and the address to which the statement should be sent.
02. Order the statement online at simpl.rent
Register at simpl.rent, choose the type of statement - a paper version or with a qualified electronic signature - and make the payment.
03. Take the documents to a notary
Once payment has been made, you will receive an email confirmation from Okazjonalny.info. The next step is to take the documents to a notary.

Address guarantee from okazjonalny.info

okazjonalny.info is a partner that provides a service to support signing occasional lease agreements. It can be used by tenants from Poland and abroad (in the event that they are unable to indicate an 'eviction' address required for the occasional lease agreement), as well as landlords to decrease their rental risks.
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Who can order an occasional lease address?
Our service is available to tenants from Poland and abroad, landlords, as well as agents or property managers who want to provide greater protection for their clients.
How can I order an occasional lease address?
1. Before placing the order, read the terms and conditions and prepare the necessary information to prepare the statement:
  • details of all the rental parties
  • dates of the contract (start and end)
  • rented property address
  • shipment information

2. Next, register on the simpl.rent platform, fill out a short form and choose one of the two types of declaration:
  • a paper document with a notarised signature
  • a PDF document with a qualified electronic signature
  • After selecting the format, make the payment on PayU or choose to pay upon delivery.

3. After the payment, you will receive an email confirmation from okazjonalny.info. Electronic documents will also be sent to the email address. For statements with a notarised signature, the courier shipment will arrive within 2 business days.

4. After filling out the documents, the tenant must go to a notary to finalise the occasional lease agreement.
How much does the statement cost?
Ordering an address for an occasional lease agreement costs PLN 399, payable online or upon delivery by courier. The amount is fixed regardless of the duration of the occasional lease agreement or the number of people signing the contract.
How does an occasional lease agreement protect the landlord?
There are cases where a tenant stops paying rent and refuses to move out of the property. They are protected by the provisions of the Tenant Protection Act, which stipulates that a landlord cannot force a tenant to move out. This requires a legal process that can take up to several years. An occasional lease agreement protects the landlord thanks to the tenant's declaration of voluntary submission to enforcement and the indication of an alternative address. Therefore in the event of the tenant's failure to comply with the provisions of the contract or termination of the rental agreement, the landlord can carry out the eviction without involving the court.
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