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Frequently Asked Question
Thanks to the Tenant Certificate, you become much more credible for the property owner. In addition, the Tenant Certificate guarantees that you share with the owner, agent or property manager only the data he needs to make a decision about renting the property to you. You will not show your private documents to people unless you are sure that you will sign a lease agreement.
Verification of your person on will consist of checking:
1. Your identity
2. If your earnings are adequate for renting a property without adversely affecting your home budget.
3. If there is information in your payment history that suggests that you had a challenge with paying off the debt and if there is a risk that you will not pay the rent on time.
Verification process and Tenant Certificate
The Tenant Certificate summarizes the results of your verification. See a sample Tenant Certificate at here
The owner, manager or real estate agency will only receive your Tenant Certificate (check: What is the Tenant Certificate?), which will include: your name and surname, positive or negative information based on data from BIK and debt registries and information whether your salary is more than twice rent with charges.
You can perform verification on a computer, laptop and other mobile devices with the internet access. Verification is performed using the most popular web browsers. To verify your identity using the so-called video selfie (remember there are other verification methods that don't require it!) you will need a webcam or a camera built into your mobile device - we recommend using the camera of mobile devices. For more information on the technical requirements for devices, see Terms
You can confirm your identity in three ways: logging into the bank (thanks to this you will also confirm your earnings!), making a short selfie video with an ID document or making a transfer worth 1 PLN.
The technology used to verify identity is popular with online banks.
Thanks to the authorization and power of attorney received from you, the service will obtain information about your history of repaying financial obligations from five sources:
1. Credit Information Bureau - bank liabilities
2. Polish Bank Association - bank liabilities
3. National Debt Register - non-bank liabilities, eg for renting a flat, internet bills.
4. Economic Information Office InfoMonitor S.A. - non-bank liabilities, eg for renting an apartment, internet bills.
5. Economic Information Office ERIF S.A. - non-bank liabilities, e.g. for renting an apartment, internet bills.
Thanks to the analysis of information from the above-mentioned financial institutions, is able to determine whether your Payment History contains information that may confirm timely payment of your bills or indicate having outstanding liabilities.
Verification of your earnings consists of comparing your net earnings with the rent required for the property. Earnings can be confirmed instantly by selecting earnings verification and logging into the bank (based on open banking and offered jointly with a regulated financial institution). You can also choose verification based on the provision of relevant documents confirming earnings. The landlord or real estate agent will only be informed if your salary is more than twice the rent.
Remember, if you choose verification by logging into the bank, you will not have to confirm your earnings with documents. However, if you decide to confirm your earnings with documents, please use the following:
1. Employment contract: contract or certificate from the employer.
2. Contract for specific work: contract or certificate from the employer.
3. Contract of mandate: contract or certificate from the employer.
4. Self-employment: a current printout from the Central Business Register.
5. Student scholarship: confirmation from the university.
In addition, we will ask you to confirm your regular income from the above-mentioned agreements in the form of a bank statement or your tax declaration.
If you are a student supported by your parents, we suggest that you ask your parent to undergo verification. On this basis, the owner or real estate agency will decide to let you the property.
No, you as a tenant do not incur any verification costs. To learn more about the rules of using the website, see Terms and Privacy Policy .
Data security and GDPR compliance
We pay special attention to the protection of your data. All data is encrypted during transmission using an SSL connection using a 2048-bit key. Personal data is processed only for the purposes of the indicated process and is not shared anywhere. To find out more, please contact us by email at
Of course, the service is compliant with the GDPR (Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data), to learn more about the data processed by the service and the basis for processing the data, see Privacy Policy.
If you have any questions regarding the GDPR, please contact us by email at
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