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Thanks to, apartment owners have access to best in class tenant verification technology
Hanna Milewska-Wilk
Rental market expert and owner
apartments for rent
Mediator, property manager, housing rental market analyst, sociologist and philologist. Hanna is a housing specialist at the Institute for Urban and Regional Development. She currently advises, and is also involved in the Program Council of Habitat for Humanity Polska and in the Social Rental Agencies. Hanna is a Lease Market Laboratory expert at ThinkCo.
The ability to check the tenant makes it much easier to decide which tenant to choose. As a private person, I feel uncomfortable asking for certificates or other documents about employment and earnings, I also don't have access to specialized databases. The Tenant Certificate gives a sense of greater credibility, and the remote verification process allows for faster verification of interested parties. I am glad that I can use similar verification procedures as large institutions and banks.
What do private owners appreciate?
No more asking embarrassing questions
Confirmation of sensitive data about the tenant - his identity, history of obligations and earnings from an official source, without the need to ask about the financial situation.
You don't have to be an expert
Thanks to, the verification process is completely online. You don't need to be familiar with forms, certificates and professional scoring.
Verify like a bank or telecom
You have easy access to modern tools and procedures of the largest housing institutions.