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Lease managers and investors reduce the risk of insolvent tenants
Aleksander Kiebel
Fabryka Mieszkań
Aleksander is a manager with many years of experience in the financial industry and an investor in the real estate market since 2010. Aleksander currently works at, Fabryka Mieszkań, which he co-founded, and manages a portfolio of several dozen apartments for rent in the Śląskie Voivodeship. He specializes in leasing management and project management. He actively participates in the life of's partner - the Association of Real Estate Owners for Rent "Mieszkanicznik".
Choosing a reliable tenant is the basis for a peaceful lease for both parties, is a key element of risk reduction for investors and property managers. I am glad that standardizes checking tenants as part of the Tenant Certificate. Until now, various procedures were used, but there was no market standard. I use the app and have supported this project from the very beginning, it is the next step in standardising the Polish rental market.
Co doceniają zarządzający najmem?
Leasing risk reduction
A solvent tenant significantly reduces the risk, and the use of standards - as in other market sectors - gives the leasing manager the information they require.
No more paperwork
GDPR? PSD2? Collecting data? You can leave it all to us. So you can focus on what you do best.
Choice of verification methods
The tenant should feel comfortable being verified. Thanks to, they can choose from several identity and earnings verification options.