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How to purchase rent payment insurance?

How to purchase rent payment insurance?

Buying rent payment insurance is a simple process, and you can get your policy in as little as 3 minutes. Here's how it works in practice:

Step 1. Register or log in to

Step 2. Go to the Insurance section, select Rent Payment Insurance, and click "Buy Insurance."

Step 3. Specify the rent payment you receive from the tenant.

Step 4. Customize the coverage to your liking.

Step 5. Fill in the required information and set the insurance start date.

Step 6. In the summary, make sure the information is correct, choose the payment method, and click "Buy and Pay."

Step 7. After making the payment, you will receive an email with the Policy Terms and Conditions, a policy summary, and your insurance policy.

Check out how you can save up to 888 PLN annually on the premium with the Tenant Certificate*.

*Calculations based on an 8,000 PLN rent payment, which is equivalent to a 24,000 PLN insurance coverage limit for rent payment insurance.

You can also purchase insurance directly from the website and leave the account creation for the end.

Rent consists of the amount specified in the tenancy agreement, which includes the rent due to the lessor, administrative rent, and the costs associated with the use of the apartment: electricity, gas, water, and waste disposal. It is the sum payable by the tenant into the bank accounts indicated in the tenancy agreement.

IMPORTANT! When determining the rent price, make sure to provide the actual values. If you underestimate the price, the compensation may not cover the loss.

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