Gain peace of mind with tenant insurance

Avoid paying for accidental damages and legal expenses

We also didn't like insurance, so we changed it

We will not emphasize how easily and quickly you can buy insurance from us – we encourage you to check. And who are we to sell it? We cooperate with the largest insurer in Poland, PZU, and officially they call us an insurance agent registered with the KNF.


With tenant liability insurance, you will protect what matters to you

Covering everything from your laptop and household appliances to a flooded neighbouring property, together with PZU we have created a solution that works for all tenants.

Quick online purchase
You can buy a policy online in just a few clicks
Low costs
Get insured and gain peace of mind from PLN 48 per year
Increased security
The insurance provides a wide range of protection both inside and outside the rented premises

Tenant liability insurance, home assistance, and legal protection? Customize the package to suit your needs

Are you wondering which package to choose? Contact us using the form

zł /Year

Tenant liability insurance
zł /Year

Tenant liability insurance
Movable property (contents)
up to PLN 3 000
Home Assistance
zł /Year

Tenant liability insurance
Movable property (contents)
up to PLN 10 000
Home Assistance
Standard Plus
Legal expenses
up to PLN 30 000

When will the insurance work?

Learn about situations in which an insurer pays compensation thanks to protection of a tenant

The neighbour's apartment from below was flooded due to a damaged hose in the washing machine?
Tenant liability insurance
Your child broke the window in a car with a ball in the neighbourhood parking lot?
Tenant liability insurance
While riding a bike, a passer-by was hit and injured because of your fault?
Tenant liability insurance

Purchase tenant insurance online - quickly and without leaving your home

01. Select a package and fill in the form
Provide the data necessary to conclude an insurance contract
02. Pay for the insurance
After payment, the policy document will be sent to the email address provided. You can also download it from your account.
03. Inform your landlord about the purchase (optional)
With just one click on your tenant dashboard, inform your landlord that you have purchased tenant liability insurance.

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What is tenant insurance?
Tenant insurance is for people who are renting a property. and PZU offer three insurance packages: Basic, Plus and Extra, which include various covers.
What does the tenant insurance cover?
Depending on the package chosen, the tenant insurance covers different types of insurance. Most importantly, each of the packages includes the Tenant liability insurance, which will cover i.a. damage accidentally caused by you, household members or your pet in the rented apartment.
Does tenant liability insurance replace the deposit?
Tenant liability insurance may be an additional form of security, but it will does replace the deposit. The tenant liability insurance may cover some costs due to damage, but not all. In Poland, the deposit has a broader role as it covers all payments from tenants (unpaid utility bills, unpaid rent, interest on these liabilities, costs of repairs, etc.).
Is it possible to buy tenant insurance during the tenancy?
Yes, tenant insurance can be purchased at any time, also during the tenancy. However, the insurance does not provide cover retrospectively, but from the moment of purchase. For example, the insurance cannot be bought once the damage has already occurred. We encourage you to take out the policy for the entire tenancy period to ensure full protection. If this is for longer than one year, please remember to renew your tenant liability insurance.
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