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In what cases can PZU refuse compensation?

In what cases can PZU refuse compensation?

There are exceptions to every insurance coverage, officially known as liability exclusions. What is PZU not responsible for? Exclusions vary depending on property or personal insurance, and here are some of them:

In Buildings:

  • Lack of a current chimney sweep inspection = reduction or refusal to pay compensation in the event of a fire
  • A similar situation in the case of an electrical inspection if the cause of ignition lies with the electrical installation
  • Flooding through an open window

In movable property

  • Works of art and hunting trophies
  • Payment cards and valuable papers
  • Animals other than domestic ones
  • Data stored on media
  • Damage to equipment by the owner or household member
  • Damage to equipment for reasons other than random events

In addition, damages resulting from:

  • Contamination or discoloration of the façade due to precipitation or flooding
  • Natural wear and tear of equipment, e.g., curtains will discolor, and a washing machine will fail due to worn-out parts
  • Moistening of premises, except for flooding or flooding.
  • Breaking or cracking of objects, e.g., induction cooktops, displays, and monitors
  • Loss, sale, gift, exchange of insured items
  • Deception of insured items due to fraud
  • Fault of the insured or willful acts by other household members.

👉 Read more in the Insurance Terms and Conditions .

It's important to remember that compensation is also not payable if, as the owner, you fail to fulfil your obligations. For example, if the apartment is not properly secured, such as leaving doors open or windows unsealed, a thief might visit your home and grab valuable equipment.

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