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Building & contents insurance

What is building & contents insurance?

What is building & contents insurance?

With this insurance, you protect your apartment or house from all risks, including fire, flood, water damage, vandalism, and many other unfortunate events.

Sum insured: Value of the house or apartment determined by you.

What do you protect?

Your apartment or house and the elements that make it up:

  • Structures: foundations, walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • External elements: gutters, sills, fences, balcony enclosures, terraces, and photovoltaic panels.
  • Fixed elements: furniture and household appliances in the structure, installations, plumbing, and intercom.

What are you protecting against?

  • From 18 named risks and all other random events (insurance is sold as "all-risk" – from fire, flood, wind, water damage, explosion, hurricane, smoke, soot, or vehicle impact.
  • Overvoltages – can occur when a voltage increase in the electrical grid damages, for example, a TV or installation.
  • Vandalism – when a troublemaker plays artist and paints graffiti on your property's façade or breaks a window.
  • Damage during rescue operations – in the event that during firefighting, the fire brigade floods the parquet or forces the door to the apartment.
  • Other unexpected events – because not everything can be predicted and named, such as when a vehicle hits the house's façade or a neighbour damages your wall during renovations.


It's important to remember that not everything is covered by insurance, especially when:

  • The apartment is not properly secured, for example, if you leave doors open or windows unsealed.
  • The event occurred intentionally, under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
  • Damages resulting from the failure to perform mandatory technical inspections.
  • Damages result from natural wear and tear, e.g., walls discolour over time.
  • The event concerns the breaking or cracking of elements.
  • The event occurred due to structural errors in the insured house.
  • There is contamination or discolouration of the façade due to precipitation.

What to do in case of a claim on building and contents insurance?

We don't want to assume this, but let's say an incident has occurred. In this situation, start by securing your remaining assets to prevent further damage. Depending on the event, this may involve calling the fire department or notifying the police in the event of a break-in.

You should also make the claim to PZU as soon as possible – no later than 7 days from the date of the accident.

You can contact PZU through their website, by email, or by phone:

  • 801 102 102 lub 22 566 55 55

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