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What is Household Contents Insurance?

What is Household Contents Insurance?

With Household Contents Insurance, you protect the belongings of you and your loved ones, such as electronics, furniture, and jewellery, against all risks. Yes, all risks! This includes fires, floods, hurricanes, theft, and much more.

Insurance Amount: Value determined by you for the items

What do you protect?

Everyday belongings and items not permanently fixed in place:

  • Electronic equipment, audio-visual appliances, furniture, and interior decorations.
  • Clothing, jewellery, and personal belongings.
  • Cash, coins, and valuable items made of silver, gold, or platinum.
  • Bicycles, strollers, tourist, sports, or gardening equipment.

What are you protected against?

Here are some sample situations in which PZU will provide compensation:

  • Your electronic equipment is damaged during a power surge.
  • An intruder enters your home without permission and steals your computer, jewellery, or other valuable items.
  • Your phone is snatched on the street, or your bag with your wallet is taken. We don't like daylight robberies, and we'll help when this happens.


It's worth remembering that not everything is covered by insurance, especially events that are:

  • Intentionally caused, while intoxicated, or under the influence of substances.
  • Caused by a close relative living in the same household.
  • Resulting from non-domesticated animals.
  • Related to competitive sports.
  • Linked to professional work or business activities.
  • Involving the destruction, damage, loss, or theft of cash, securities, or jewellery.
  • Resulting from natural wear and tear, such as fading of curtains or a washing machine breaking down due to worn-out parts.
  • Related to the breakage or cracking of items, such as induction hobs, displays, and monitors.

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