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What is Landlord's Liability (OC wynajmującego)?

What is Landlord's Liability (OC wynajmującego)?

Private liability insurance in personal life covers you and your loved ones against accidental harm to third parties.

Insurance coverage: 50,000 PLN

What do you protect?

Accidents happen, sometimes even our fault. If you or your loved ones cause harm to another person, the insurer will provide compensation. For example, if your child breaks a window in a neighbour's car while under your supervision, the insurance can pay compensation of up to 10,000 PLN.

What are you protected against?

Learn about typical situations in which PZU will provide compensation:

  • A chandelier installed by you damages the tenant's property.
  • A plant pot falls from your balcony into a parked car.
  • While riding a bicycle or electric scooter, you collide with a pedestrian.
  • Your dog runs into the street and causes an accident involving two cars.


PZU does not cover damages caused intentionally or resulting from activities such as:

  • Domestic members or household help.
  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • By animals other than pets and aggressive dogs.
  • Engaging in extreme sports.
  • Involving the destruction or loss of cash, jewellery, and documents.
  • Arising from war, civil unrest, riots, or sabotage.

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