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What is Legal expenses insurance and how to make a claim?

What is Legal expenses insurance and how to make a claim?

With Legal expenses insurance, you can count on legal representation – you will receive reimbursement of legal costs, support in interpreting documents, and guidance on what to do when a tenant does not pay or refuses to vacate the property.

Insurance coverage: 30,000 PLN

What do you protect?

With Legal expenses insurance, you primarily protect yourself and household members in matters of personal life. You can rely on PZU's legal advice, guidance on the appropriate course of action, the provision of document templates, as well as coverage for:

  • Lawyer or legal counsel fees.
  • Legal opinions cost.
  • Court costs in civil and criminal cases.
  • Administrative court proceedings costs.
  • Costs of out-of-court mediation.

What are you protected against?

Learn about typical situations in which PZU will provide compensation:

  • The tenant damages your property or is in arrears with rent payment.
  • Your neighbour's dog attacks you during a walk and causes injuries.
  • A renovation company is delaying work and not responding to reminders.
  • Neighbours accuse you of disturbing the peace in the neighbourhood.
  • A seller delays the delivery of your ordered item purchased online and does not answer phone calls.
  • Someone steals your documents and uses them to obtain a loan.


Keep in mind that PZU may not always be able to provide compensation, especially when cases involve:

  • Construction law matters.
  • Family, custodial, or inheritance law.
  • Tax, customs, or fiscal law.
  • Matters related to vehicle ownership or operation.
  • Damage caused deliberately or due to gross negligence.

What is Legal expenses insurance

Sometimes events occur where we require legal assistance. The steps to follow in such a situation are straightforward, and at each stage, you can rely on the support of your insurer. First and foremost, it is crucial to promptly notify PZU of the incident and provide all necessary information/documents. Subsequently, follow PZU's guidance and inform them of your choice of attorney or legal counsel.

In the case of claims under Legal expenses insurance, please contact us by phone at 22 505 16 04.

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