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What is the Tenant Certificate, and how does it affect the insurance premium?

What is the Tenant Certificate, and how does it affect the insurance premium?

The Tenant Certificate is a secure process that assesses a tenant's reliability. It takes place with the tenant's consent, quickly, safely, and remotely, without the need for additional formalities. A potential tenant receives a dedicated link inviting them to undergo verification. They then independently choose how to confirm their identity and income level. Verification of payment and credit history is automated based on data from business and credit information bureaus.

The result of the verification is the Tenant Certificate, which provides the landlord with information about whether there is a risk associated with renting the property to a specific individual in any of the areas.

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A verified tenant means reduced rental risk, peace of mind, and therefore greater security. If a tenant with a positive Tenant Certificate (in the case of a three-stage verification, i.e., full verification) lives in the property you want to insure, you will pay less for coverage because the risk of future insurance events is lower.

For example, a positive income verification means that the tenant earns more than twice the rent payment with additional fees, meeting the income criteria for the property. Therefore, the likelihood of payment arrears is lower than for someone who has not undergone any verification

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