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Frequently Asked Question
A tenant check is the easiest and quickest way to get an insight a potential tenant. A tenant check consists of three parts.
  • 1. An identification check.
  • 2. An affordability check.
  • 3. A credit check.
We use the most advanced machine learning technology to match your potential tenants. We request a video of the tenants face as well as their ID document and use facial biometrics to assure the tenant is who they claim to be. We then give you a simple pass or fail result.
In the affordability check we request information from the tenant to assess financial means. We check their current employment status and most recent payslips. The information we provide you respects the tenants privacy as we show you a recommendation on the tenants financial means for the property, based on their income as a proportion of the cost of the rent.
After we have collected all the relevant information from the tenant, we will give you a report, so you can make the best decision possible. We could try and explain what it look like, but we recommend that you check out the sample tenant Certificate here.
Most of our process is completely automated, so providing the tenant provides us with the correct information, you can expect the tenant Certificate to be ready in <24 hours. If we don’t get the information we need from the tenant straight away you can rest assured we will do everything we can to get the information we need.
No sensitive information such as salary, ID documents or credit scores are shared between landlords and tenants, you can see the sample tenant Certificate here, which shows exactly what information is shared
Our tenant checks cost 79 zł as standard, but packs of checks are cheaper, check out our pricing page, to see the full details.
Please contact us at and we can get you set up with a team account. aims to become a leader in ethical use of data, our whole platform is built around respecting sensitive personal data. We will not use your data for personal gain. We will not sell your data.

Whenever, there is a new need or new purpose, we will communicate this with you.

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