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Insurance FAQ
Frequently Asked Question
Landlord insurance.
Landlord insurance is a solution that provides rent protection and at the same time protection against various risks associated with renting. Having landlord insurance you can insure a property that is already in the process of being rented. As a result, you are protected in the event of delays on the part of the tenant or a break in the lease as a result of the destruction of the property, as well as legal protection, support in the form of assistance services, insurance of household movables and real estate insurance . In addition, depending on the selected package, you may extend the protection to protect glass objects from breakage and third party liability insurance in private life.
PZU insurance company provides owners of apartments for rent with a wide range of insurance types in various scopes. The insurance to protect rent payments is very attractive for any landlord. If, for some reasons, the tenant does not pay rent for three months, the insurer will pay the insured the equivalent of a maximum of three rents (up to 9,000 PLN). The insurance will also work if the premises are damaged and uninhabitable for the tenant, then PZU insurance company will pay you compensation (up to 9,000 PLN). The landlord insurance as part of the movable property insurance protects the equipment of the apartment against the effects of random events, flooding or fire. It also includes arranging and covering the costs of a lawyer's assistance in matters related to renting, e.g. when a dishonest tenant will not want to move out (legal expenses insurance) or you will need a professional, e.g. a plumber in the event of necessary home repairs (Home Assistance insurance). The Premium package also includes civil liability insurance (OC), which can be useful to the landlord when, for example, as a result of a failure not attributable to the tenant, water floods the neighbour's apartment and destroys the carpet owned by the tenant. Then the neighbour and the tenant will receive appropriate compensation.
A verified tenant means reducing the risk of renting, saving nerves and thus greater safety. If the property you want to insure is inhabited by a tenant with a positive Tenant Certificate, you will pay less for the protection, because the risk of an insurance accident in the future is lower.

. For example, positive verification of earnings means that the tenant earns more than twice the value of the rent with fees, i.e. he meets the income criterion for a given property. Thus, the probability of arrears in payments will be lower than in the case of a person who has not passed any verification.
Yes, insurance can be purchased during the rental.
The sum insured in the insurance contract is the amount constituting the upper limit of the insurance company's liability under the insurance contract.
Insurance is concluded for 1 year, but it begins not earlier than the day after paying the premium. This means that if you buy insurance today, it may apply from tomorrow at the earliest (if you provide such a date in the process of buying insurance).
PZU insurance company is liable only for damages caused in Poland.
We invite you to read the other answers in this section and read the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance and Product Cards - they are available, for example, here (please click on the links under the prices). If you have not found the answers to your questions, please contact us at or 12 200 52 82.
The Tenant Certificate is a fully secure process that checks the credibility of the tenant in 3 areas:
  • -Identity verification
  • -Review of payment history of previous liabilities
  • -Comparison of earnings to the amount of rent of the property

This is carried out with the consent of the tenant himself – quickly, safely and remotely without the need for additional formalities. A potential tenant receives a dedicated link that is an invitation to verification. Then he independently chooses how he wants to confirm his identity and the amount of revenue. Verification of payment and credit history is carried out automatically on the basis of data from economic and credit information bureaus. It can take up to 2 minutes to go through all the stages of the credibility check depending on the tenant's involvement. The result of the verification is the Tenant Certificate, which provides the landlord with information whether there is a risk associated with making the premises available to a specific person in any of the areas. Importantly, we cooperate with specialised institutions and pay special attention to data protection – thanks to this, the entire verification process guarantees the security and comfort of both parties
Yes, everyone can take advantage of the same price no matter how they rent an apartment. The amount of the premium may vary if there is a higher risk of the tenant's insolvency or it is simply unknown. Insurers take into account a positive Tenant Certificate as a procedure ensuring low risk, thanks to it they may offer the tenant a lower premium.
Purchase process.
Rental insurance can be purchased directly from the website or user account. In the case of purchase through the website, in the first step you choose one of two Comfort or Premium insurance packages. In addition, you can enter the sum insured for household movable property (min. 5,000 PLN) and real estate (according to the market price). The amount of the sum insured will affect the final amount of the premium.

Then, after logging in or registering, you will be redirected to a short form in which we will ask you to provide the data necessary to conclude insurance. At this stage, you will decide whether you want to use the Tenant Certificate and thus reduce the price of insurance, or whether you prefer to continue the purchase at the standard price.

Do you already have verified tenants who live in the insured property? You will be able to mark it in the form, as well as indicate a specific person with a Tenant Certificate.

Next, you will choose a form of payment – payment of the premium in advance for the whole year or monthly. Before payment, the mandatory step will be to read the Product Card and GTC and express the consents needed to join the contract.

The last stage is paying the premium. After payment, we will send the policy to the e-mail address provided. You will also be able to download it from your account.
As part of the insurance for the landlord, you can choose the Comfort Package or the Premium Package. They mainly differ in scope - the Premium Package is extended to include third party liability insurance and breakage insurance for glass items.
If you choose to use the Tenant Certificate when purchasing insurance, it is completely free of charge.
The tenant will receive a positive Tenant Certificate when all three stages of verification (checking identity, earnings, payment and credit history) are completed with a positive result.

If at least one of these things is verified negatively, both you and the tenant will be able to see the details in the generated report.
The insurance premium will be lower when at least one of the verification elements is verified positively. The number of positively completed stages will affect the final amount of the premium (the more positive elements of verification, the lower insurance price).
The insurance price without the Tenant Certificate starts from 50 PLN / month for the Comfort Package and from 59 PLN / month for the Premium Package. The final amount of the premium depends on the selected sum insured for household contents and property insurance.
The price of insurance with a negative Tenant Certificate depends on the number of negatively verified stages. If all or two stages are negative, the insurance premium will be from 50 PLN / month for the Comfort Package and from 59 PLN / month for the Premium Package. However, if only one of the stages is verified negatively, then the insurance premium will be from 42 PLN / month for the Comfort Package and from 51 PLN / month for the Premium Package.
Yes, insurance can be purchased by companies.
You can make the premium payment in advance for the whole year (available methods: BLIK, payment card, transfer) or choose automatic payments with a payment card every month.
What is included in the landlord insurance packages?
Rent guarantee insurance.
Rent guarantee insurance protects your income from the rented property. The scope of the insurance covers situations when the tenant is late in paying the rent for more than 30 days, and when the premises are damaged and unfit for habitation by the tenant. In both cases, the insurer will compensate the lost rent up to the amount of the sum insured, i. e. 9,000 PLN.
Each insurance company estimates the risk of an event to calculate the premium amount. The lower the risk, the lower the premium may be. If a potential tenant passes the verification thanks to the Tenant Certificate in the field of identity confirmation, checking credit and payment history and showing the appropriate amount of income, the insurer may on this basis estimate that the risk of withholding payment for the rental is lower than in the case of a negative verification or unverified person. Therefore, the combination of rent guarantee insurance with the Tenant Certificate is more cost-effective for the buyer of the policy, because insurers base their risk calculation on a proven, trusted verification procedure.
Yes, you can take out your insurance during your tenancy.
The insurer covers the arrears arising from the start of the policy. That is, if the tenant is in arrears with payments for the lease at the time the insurance is concluded, no compensation will be paid.
If the tenant is in arrears with the rent payment exceeding 30 days, he does not respond to prompts and reminders about the payment date, then we can report the matter to the insurer.
If the tenant is late with paying the rent for at least 30 days, the damage report should be made within a maximum of 7 days (counted from the 31st day of delay).
Regarding the Home Assistance the damage can be reported by both the tenant and the owner of the property.
Types of insurance.
Home assistance insurance provides assistance in the event of random events that take place in the insured property. The insurer will organise professional help for you and cover the costs of services, e.g. if a pipe breaks in the apartment, the door lock is broken or the apartment is damaged as a result of a fire.
Movable property insurance covers your and your tenants' movable property and protects it against damage or loss as a result of random events. You will get compensation in the event of theft with burglary, overvoltage, devastation, damage caused during a rescue operation, and even extortion of cash or jewellery. Home movable property is protected, among others furniture, electronics, household appliances, computers.
Legal protection insurance protects your legal interests and provides assistance when you need a lawyer to advise you (e.g. when the tenant damages your apartment or the renovation company misses the deadlines). This insurance covers, among others, the costs of an attorney or solicitor, costs of legal opinions, court costs in civil and criminal cases, costs of proceedings in administrative courts and costs of out-of-court mediation.
Glass items insurance covers accidental damage resulting from breakage, shattering and breakage. Someone may break the glass in your window or the lid of the pot falls on the hob and damages it. The protection includes, among others tiles, glass elements of furniture, solar collectors (solar panels), glass panes in an oven, fireplace or microwave oven, cooker tops made of glass, induction or ceramic cooktop, sinks and bathtubs, as well as balcony and terrace enclosures.
Real estate insurance protects your apartment against random events (e.g. fire, flood, devastation). It includes fixed elements, structures of walls, ceilings and floors of the apartment, electrical installations, built-in furniture and household appliances, as well as external elements (including balcony units, gutters and balustrades).
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