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Insurance FAQ
Tenant insurance (including Tenant Liability Insurance)
Tenant insurance
Tenant insurance will be useful to people who rent an apartment or house from others so they act as tenants. The service together with the insurance company PZU (Poland's biggest and oldest insurance company) offer three innovative packages: Basic, Plus, Extra, which include various insurance types.
Depending on the package chosen, the tenant insurance covers different types of insurance. Most importantly, each of the packages includes the Tenant liability insurance, which will cover inter alia damage accidentally caused by you or your pet in the rented apartment or house.
The Tenant liability insurance provides comfort and safety for both parties to the lease: the landlord has an additional security, apart from the deposit, but also for the tenant himself, insurance may prove to be irreplaceable, e.g. when as a result of a failure of the installation not attributable to the tenant, water floods the neighbour's apartment and destroys the carpet owned by the owner. Then the appropriate compensation will be given to both the neighbour and the owner. This will improve tenant's comfort of using the apartment every day, and the owner may feel safe.
Yes, tenant insurance can be purchased at any time - also during the rental. The insurance does not work retroactively, but from the moment of purchase for a fixed period. However, you do not have to wait for the moment of moving or buy it only before moving into the apartment. However, we encourage you to take out the policy for the entire rental period in order to have full protection. If the lease lasts longer than a year, it would be good to renew or buy another Tenant Liability Insurance .
Choose one of the three packages available at or in your dashboard after logging in to Then fill in the necessary data and pay for the insurance online. You will receive the policy by e-mail.
Yes, a policyholder can be someone other than the tenant of the apartment. For example, a landlord (policyholder) can purchase tenant insurance for his tenant (insured). In practice, this happens relatively often - landlords purchase the Basic Package (including the Tenant liability insurance only), because they want to protect the apartment against accidental damage caused by the tenant, e.g. to the neighbours.
No, but you must remember to report the change of the place of insurance.
The guarantee sum in the insurance contract is the amount constituting the upper limit of the insurance company's liability under the insurance contract. That is, if we have a Tenant liability insurance with a guarantee sum of 50,000, PLN and the damage has been valued at even more, the insurer will pay a maximum of 50,000 PLN. Raising the guarantee sum does not increase the premium significantly, so you might consider choosing packages that include a higher guarantee amount.
Insurance is concluded for 1 year, but the first day of the insurance period is not earlier than the day after paying the premium. This means that if you buy insurance today, it may apply tomorrow at the earliest (if you provide such a date in the process of buying insurance).
PZU company is liable only for damages caused in Poland.
We invite you to read the other answers in this section and read the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance and Product Cards - they are available, for example, here (please click on the links under the prices). If you have not found the answers to your questions, please contact us at or 12 200 52 82.
Yes, it is advisable for the landlord to have insurance, which includes, inter alia rent guarantee insurance, movable property insurance and landlord's liability to third parties (in addition to property insurance). Read more about these kinds of insurance here. The tenant may ask the landlord whether he has inter alia the landlord liability insurance, because such insurance will also cover the damage of the tenant's property, caused by defects in the apartment (e.g. defective electrical installation causing damage to the tenant's equipment, problems with plumbing and flooding of the tenant's belongings, etc.). We invite you to take advantage of the packages available here.
The owner should insure his property, choosing the appropriate scope of insurance and possibly additional services. We invite you to take advantage of the packages available here.
What do tenant insurance packages include?
Tenant liability insurance
Read more about the Tenant liability insurance on our blog.
Insurance for a specific person acting as a tenant. The third party liability policy, i.e. insurance against civil liability in the private life of the tenant, will cover damage accidentally caused by you, your loved ones or your pet in the rented apartment or house. Third party liability insurance protects you not only from damage caused in the apartment, but also outside the place of residence, e.g. when you hit a pedestrian while riding a bicycle.
Private Life Civil liability insurance of the tenant of the apartment will protect you if you or your loved ones, your pets or people helping in the household accidentally cause damage to the rented apartment or outside.
The tenant liability insurance may be an additional form of security, but it will not replace the deposit. The tenant liability insurance may be a source of covering the costs of damage and repairs in the apartment, but not all. In Poland, it has been assumed that the role of the deposit is wider - it covers all other receivables (unpaid utility bills, rents due, interest on these liabilities, costs of removing defects, etc.). Therefore, the tenant liability insurance can serve as an additional, very good security, but it does not completely replace the deposit.
Yes, the Tenant liability insurance can be purchased at any time - also during the lease. There is no need to wait for the moment of moving. However, we encourage you to buy the policy for the entire rental period in order to have adequate protection.
The Tenant liability insurance is a basic insurance, but you can also insure your movable property, receive the support of professionals as part of assistance insurance, and even get legal assistance.
The tenant liability insurance in PZU insurance company comprises primarily liability insurance in private life. This means that we can use it even when we have caused damage outside the place of insurance, e.g. we accidentally broke the neighbour's glass, knocked down our friend's TV wanting to cover the window and in other cases - when we recognise our liability for unintentional damage. The Tenant liability insurance in such circumstances gives a wider protection and it is not limited only to the rented apartment.
Home Assistance (assistance insurance)
This is often referred to as "home assistance". It gives the possibility i.a. of calling a specialist or taking advantage of immediate intervention in a situation when we need help. We may get help with entering the apartment, if we have lost the keys - PZU insurance company will arrange and pay for the replacement of door locks (although we recommend contacting the owner first :)). It may be a plumber visit if something breaks in the cistern or if water leaks from the hoses under the sink. You may also call a washing machine service or the gas cooker specialist just to check it as there is a suspicion of a leak.

We offer two types of Assistance insurance "Home Assistance": Comfort or Super Plus.
Movable property
Movable property insurance allows you to "eliminate the damage", that is, to repair or buy new items that have been damaged, for example, as a result of flooding, theft or as a result of an accident. For example:
- during a storm or accidental power cut, your music equipment or computer will be damaged
- our apartment will be robbed, e.g. of sports equipment used for our hobby
- flooding will destroy all our clothes in the closet
- a thief, e.g. in the street, will snatch your bag or phone (i.e. damage outside the home) and other unusual situations. This is the highest protection for your belongings offered by PZU insurance company.
Movable property-these are the things which you use on a daily basis and the elements of equipment that are in your home (apartment) and are not installed or built in permanently, e.g. furniture, electronics and household appliances, computers, laptops, sports equipment, jewellery, clothing and other household items.
Legal protection
In the event of many legal problems, a lawyer will show you the right path to proceed, provide advice, send a model letter or the text of the necessary legal act. PZU insurance company will cover, inter alia, court costs in civil and criminal cases, costs of legal opinions, fees of an attorney or legal adviser.
You can take advantage of the insurance, among others, in connection with:
- protection in the field of contracts, e.g. when you receive a high bill for a TV license.
- protection of personal data, e.g. when your e-mail address and password have been stolen.
- protection in the field of labour law and social security, e.g. if you are made redundant during the protection period.
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