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Frequently Asked Question
Renting a property is a transaction worth several, and sometimes even tens of thousands of zlotys per year. By signing a lease agreement, you rely on your tenant to make timely payments in accordance with the signed contract. Your verification should be based not only on conversation and trust (we still leave it to you!), but on the real financial data of your potential tenant. Our verification process is similar to those used in other countries, e.g. Great Britain, where each tenant must undergo verification before signing a lease agreement.
Verification process and Tenant Certificate
The service may carry out remote verification of the tenant based on checking:

1. Identity of the tenant.
2. Whether the tenant's earnings are at a sufficient level compared to the rent.
3. If there is no information in the tenant's payment and credit history confirming late repayment of their liabilities.
See an example of Tenant Certificate here
The tenant can confirm his identity in three ways:

1. By logging in to the bank (thanks to this he will also confirm his earnings!).
By taking a short selfie video with his identity document.
By making a transfer worth PLN 1.
The service receives information about the history of repayment of financial liabilities from five sources:
1. Credit Information Bureau - bank liabilities
2. Polish Bank Association - bank liabilities
3. National Debt Register - other liabilities than banking, e.g. for renting an apartment, bills for the Internet.
4. Economic Information Bureau InfoMonitor S.A. - other liabilities than banking, e.g. for renting an apartment, internet bills.
5.Economic Information Bureau ERIF S.A. - non-banking liabilities, e.g. for renting an apartment, internet bills.
Thanks to the analysis of the information from the above-mentioned financial institutions, the service is able to determine whether there is information in the tenant's Payment History confirmng the timeliness in paying their bills or indicating outstanding liabilities.
Verification of the tenant's earnings is based on comparing his nett income with the rent that is required for the property. Earnings can be confirmed instantly by logging into the bank (verification process based on the open banking and offered jointly together with a regulated financial institution). The tenant may also choose verification based on the provision of the appropriate documents confirming earnings.
According to experts, person's earnings should not be less than twice the rent, so as not to negatively affect his daily financial liquidity .
To verify the tenant, you must follow these steps:

1. Register on
2. Log in to
3. Buy verification.
4. Generate a verification link.
5. Send a verification link to the e-mail address of the tenant, using the selected messenger or SMS.

This is exactly what we need from you to enable the tenant to perform the verification.
After receiving the verification link, the tenant must perform the verification, which is described in detail above.
We will keep you informed about the results of our verification in the reports tab. After completing the verification process by the tenant, you will receive a report containing the Tenant Certificate with the final result and the results of each verification stage.
In our experience, setting up an account, processing the payment, generating the verification link and sending it to the tenant takes about 3-5 minutes.

The verification process that the tenant performs after opening the verification link may take only 2 minutes, assuming that he has all the necessary documents or decides to confirm his identity and earnings using open banking.
We receive all data from the tenant and from the five financial institutions listed in the section dedicated to the verification of payment and credit history. To find out more about what data we process and on what basis we get them, please read our Privacy Policy.
The service automatically verifies natural persons. To verify a company, please contact us by this email:
Price list, accepted payment methods and Affiliate Program is GDPR compliant. To learn more about the data processed by our service and the basis for processing the data, please refer to Privacy Policy . If you have any questions regarding the GDPR, please contact us by this email: .
The price of one verification is 99 PLN gross. By purchasing more verifications, you can get a much lower price - even 79 PLN gross. To learn more about the terms and conditions, see our price list. If you are interested in a package greater than 10 verifications, please contact us by email at . For partners with a large portfolio of apartments, we can offer even lower prices and subscription access.
You can pay for the verification via PayU. The available payment methods are credit card, BLIK, instant or standard transfer. If you'd like to use a different method to pay, please contact us by email at
Yes, in order to get an invoice please contact us by email at
Help us grow and sell verifications, and we'll reward you. To find out more about the Affiliate Program, please contact us by email at
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