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What is tenant insurance?

Tenant insurance is a comprehensive protection of third party liability in private life, protection against unforeseen events and the need to cover damage to the owner's apartment – universal support, thanks to which you live comfortably and without worries.
use protection all year round even after changing the apartment
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Gain protection with insurance

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What do different types of insurance include tenant insurance?

Tenant liability insurance
The tenant liability insurance will cover damage accidentally caused by you or your pet in the rented property.
Movable property insurance
Compensation will be paid, for example, when as a result of robbery your laptop is stolen or household appliances are destroyed due to overvoltage in the electrical system.
Assistance at home
It allows you to call a professional or get immediate help with sudden failures in the house, e.g. when a pipe breaks or you lose the apartment keys.
Legal protection
The insurer will help when you need advice or the intervention of a lawyer. As part of the insurance, you can use the BIK Alert service, which will warn you in case someone tries to extort a loan using your data.

How to buy tenant insurance?

Choose a package
You can choose one of three insurance packages: Basic, Plus, Extra.
Fill a form
Fill a short form providing the data necessary to conclude insurance.
Pay for the policy using BLIK, fast transfer or payment card.
Receive a policy by e-mail
We will send the policy to the e-mail address provided. You can also download it from your account.

In which cases can you count on compensation?

Below you can see examples of situations where the insurer pays out compensation under the Tenant Insurance. Please see the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance for more information.
The downstairs neighbor's apartment was flooded by a damaged hose in the washing machine?
Liability insurance
Your child broke the window with a ball in the car in the neighborhood parking lot?
Liability insurance
You were hit and injured by your fault while riding the bicycle?
Liability insurance

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Civil liability insurance of the flat's tenants
Do we need adequate insurance to be a tenant of an apartment, as in the case of some professions? It is not necessary yet, but such insurance exists, it can have different scopes, it is convenient for the tenant and the landlord, and in addition it is quite cheap. So what is the Tenant liability insurance?
Insurance of the apartment tenant
Tenants did not deal with insurance until recently, because the real estate was insured by the owners. Nowadays, however, it is worth checking what insurance options are available, even if we do not own the apartment. Insurers offer many options that can increase the comfort of the lease.

Check customers opinion

Since the beginning of our activity, we have been offering a service that is more than just renting a flat. We want our clients to have access to innovative and reliable solutions that will increase their quality of life, so we carefully select the partners we cooperate with. Thanks to, our clients can quickly and safely purchase an insurance policy that covers not only accidental damage to the premises, but also civil liability insurance in private life. Such a comprehensive service hits the bull's eye.
Sławomir Imianowski
CEO of
Thanks to the offer from and PZU, all our tenants are additionally insured against accidental damage during the rental period. For us, as a manager of a large housing portfolio, it is much easier to use the same platform for verification and insurance of tenants in the rental process. The most important thing is the effect for the client -they have everything in one place and receive protection while using their chosen apartment.
Marlena Biardzka
Sales and Marketing Manager in

Frequently asked questions

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What does the tenant insurance cover?
Depending on the package chosen, the tenant insurance covers different types of insurance. Most importantly, each of the packages includes the Tenant liability insurance, which will cover inter alia damage accidentally caused by you or your pet in the rented apartment or house.
Is it possible to buy tenant insurance during the rental?
Yes, tenant insurance can be purchased at any time - also during the rental. The insurance does not work retroactively, but from the moment of purchase for a fixed period. However, you do not have to wait for the moment of moving or buy it only before moving into the apartment. However, we encourage you to take out the policy for the entire rental period in order to have full protection. If the lease lasts longer than a year, it would be good to renew or buy another Tenant Liability Insurance .
Does the Tenant liability insurance replace the deposit?
The tenant liability insurance may be an additional form of security, but it will not replace the deposit. The tenant liability insurance may be a source of covering the costs of damage and repairs in the apartment, but not all. In Poland, it has been assumed that the role of the deposit is wider - it covers all other receivables (unpaid utility bills, rents due, interest on these liabilities, costs of removing defects, etc.). Therefore, the tenant liability insurance can serve as an additional, very good security, but it does not completely replace the deposit.
What is movable property?
Movable property-these are the things which you use on a daily basis and the elements of equipment that are in your home (apartment) and are not installed or built in permanently, e.g. furniture, electronics and household appliances, computers, laptops, sports equipment, jewellery, clothing and other household items.