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Tenant Verification

Tenant information on data protection and security of verification

Tenant information on data protection and security of verification


Welcome to We're delighted that you've decided to create a Tenant Account and hope to accompany you through other stages of renting, in addition to the Tenant Certificate.

We are the Administrator of your personal data and we process them to provide our services correctly. We care about your privacy and the actions we take are in accordance with the applicable laws. If you have any questions, please contact our Data Protection Officer at, who will be happy to help.

Data processing

We are committed to providing our users with the best possible experience on the platform. We therefore collect and use only the personal data that allow us to properly manage your Tenant Account and related functionalities. Our Privacy Policy provides more detail, and below is a brief explanation of what data we process to create a Tenant Certificate, which is also covered along with additional information in the Services Terms and Conditions.

Creating an account with

When creating a Tenant Account, we will ask you to provide and confirm your email address. Consenting to receive marketing emails is voluntary and not a condition for having a Tenant Account. We promise not to send these emails too often! And remember, you can opt out at any time. When creating your Tenant Account, you can also provide your phone number.

Important – the contact information you provide will be processed solely for the purpose of communication in connection with the services provided to you.

Using the platform

At this stage, we process the email address and phone number (optional) provided during registration, as well as data related to actions taken on the platform with your Account. Data will be processed for the duration of our agreement (i.e. managing your Tenant Account). If you decide to delete your Account in the future, we will retain personal data in the form of your email address and system logs, which will allow us to demonstrate that you had accepted the terms of our service and given the relevant consents.

As a Data Administrator, we may retain your basic personal data for purposes related to determining, asserting, or defending against claims that may arise after the deletion of the Account (Art. 17 sec. 3 lit. e of the GDPR). We will store your data for a maximum period of 6 years.

At any time, you can access your data, supplement or change it, or request its deletion. However, if you request the deletion of personal data necessary for the creation and management of the Tenant Account, it may result in the need to delete your Tenant Account.

About tenant verification

When you decide to undergo the verification process to create a Tenant Certificate, we will conduct a verification of your identity, payment history, credit history, and income with your consent.

Identity Verification

We will confirm your identity in one of 3 ways:

  • logging into your bank
  • identity document
  • or by bank transfer

We need to confirm your identity to proceed with creating a Tenant Certificate. If you choose to confirm your identity with an identity document, we will process all the data contained in the document, including biometric data in the form of your image.

Payment and Credit History Verification

The next step will be to verify your payment and credit history. This requires providing your PESEL number or date of birth (if you do not have a PESEL number) and your identity document or passport number. Your payment and credit history will be verified through one or more entities including the National Debt Register of the Economic Information Bureau S.A. and the Credit Information Bureau S.A. (the full list of entities is provided in the service regulations).

Income Verification

Next, we will estimate your monthly income based on your bank transaction history or other documents you provide.

If you choose the method of logging into your bank account, please remember that does not have access to your online banking login details.

We receive transaction information via open banking from Kontomatik, an entity supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority – providing account access service (AISP) under number 1/2019 in accordance with the EU PSD2 directive. The analysis of bank transactions is automated and includes recurring systematic inflows into your bank account. This will confirm whether or not your average monthly net income is at least twice the rental cost provided by the landlord. This analysis is automated and approximate. If this verification stage produces a negative result, you can confirm your income another way with the appropriate documentation.

Verification Result and Obtaining the Tenant Certificate

After taking you through all the stages of verification, we will generate your personal Tenant Certificate and, with your consent, share it with whomever invited you to the verification (e.g. a real estate agent, rental manager, private owner, or institutional lease entity). The landlord will be able to view the same Tenant Certificate (see example Tenant Certificate) that is in your Tenant Account and will not receive any additional data, other than those visible in the Tenant Certificate.

The landlord or agent:

  1. Will not see your identity document.
  2. Will not find out how much you earn or view documents confirming your income.
  3. Does not have access to your payment history e.g. for a credit card.

If you agree to be verified against sanction lists, the outcome will also be included in your Tenant Certificate.


Any personal data we obtain through your verification are processed solely for the purpose of generating the Tenant Certificate and are immediately and permanently deleted afterwards. At each stage, we care about your privacy and appropriate data security. We do not archive detailed data obtained as part of estimating your monthly income or verifying your payment and credit history. We are only interested in the final result of the process – i.e. the verification result in the form of a Tenant Certificate.

If, after completing the verification, you decide to delete your Tenant Account, we will store your personal data in the form of your name, PESEL number or date of birth, and identity document number. This is required by law if the credit and payment history step was completed. After the Tenant Account is deleted, we will store your data for a maximum of 6 years. We have described the detailed periods of data storage and the rules for their processing in our Privacy Policy.

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