The Tenant Certificate allows you to rent faster

Complete the verification and increase your chance of renting your chosen property

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Get verified in minutes, not days

Demonstrate your credibility
Demonstrate your credibility and increase your chances of renting the property you want.
Rent faster
Increase your chances of renting the property you want.
Privacy protection
We care about your privacy. You won't need to answer awkward questions from your landlord about your income.

Discover the easy steps

01. Receive a verifiction link
This is sent to you from the landlord, agent or property manager.
02. Complete the verification
During the three-step verification, you will confirm your identity, income and credit and payment history.
03. Receive the Tenant Certificate
The landlord will only see the Tenant Certificate, without access to your other data (sample Tenant Certificate)

What does the verification process involve?

Identity verification
We need to confirm that you are who you say you are. The identity verification can be done in three ways and you can choose which method suits you best.
Verification with online banking
Verification with an identity document
Verification with a 1 PLN bank transfer
Income verification
We verify the employment status and income of the tenant. We compare the net income with the expected rent. The landlord or real estate agent will receive information on whether the tenant's net income exceeds twice the rent. In case of negative income verification on the Tenant Certificate, a range will appear indicating the income, for example, "less than 1.5 times the rent"
Verification with online banking
Verification with income documents
Verification of payment and credit history
We check if you have any unpaid debt. Using information from five sources, verifies you, similar to a bank when applying for a loan.
Credit Information Bureau
National Debt Register
Polish Bank Association
Register of debtors BIG InfoMonitor
Register of debtors BIG ERIF

Ensuring safety

When creating each solution, our first question is how to better serve our users. Trust is the foundation of our innovations.

Compliance with PSD2 and GDPR
Insurance agent in the register of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority
Encryption of sensitive data

Questions? We are here to help!

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What is a Tenant Certificate?

The Tenant Certificate is created by at the end of the tenant verification process. It is done with your consent, quickly, safely and online. You receive a personal link to begin the verification, and then choose how to confirm your identity and income. Verification of your payment and credit history is done automatically using data from financial and credit information bureaus. It can take up to a few minutes to go through all the stages of the credibility check, depending on the verification path.

Here is a sample Tenant Certificate.

We work with specialized institutions and prioritise data protection to ensure the process is safe.

What is checked during the tenant verification?

You are verified online in three steps:
  1. Identity confirmation.
  2. Income check to demonstrate you can afford the rent. You must earn a minimum of twice the rent, for example if the rent is PLN 2,000 you must be earning at least PLN 4,000.
  3. Payment and credit history check to verify any late repayments of your liabilities.

How do you ensure the process is safe?

Our customers' safety is our priority. We work with specialized institutions and trusted partners to prioritise data protection, so that the entire process is safe for all parties. Sensitive data is encrypted and not transferred to other entities. In addition, we are in the agents register of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and and compliant with the PSD2 and GDPR guidelines.

Why should I do the verification?

The Tenant Certificate guarantees you only share the data needed by the landlord, agent or property manager to decide whether to let the property. This means no more sharing private documents with the landlord at the preliminary stage, before you are sure that this is the right property for you.
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