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Tenant Verification

Verification process

Verification process

This article will help you learn how to register an account with and go through the verification process.

  1. In order to start verification, it is necessary to receive a link. You will find it in the email under the title "Create Tenant Certificate" or in a message from the landlord or agent.
  2. After you click the link, you will be directed to our website where you need to create an account. Remember to create an account with the email address you received the invitation to.
  3. After registering your account, the system will notify you that another email has been sent to you to confirm your email address. It will be sent under the title "Email verification".


  1. After clicking the "I confirm email address" button, the page will allow you to proceed to the verification process, which consists of three steps.


👉 Identity check

At this stage, we will ask you to indicate your name and then confirm it with one of the following.

  • logging into the bank (by that you can also confirm your earnings)
  • taking a short selfie video with an identity document (we accept Polish and foreign documents)
  • making a transfer of PLN 1 (this is the most time-consuming path of verification, due to the need to post the transfer, we recommend using express transfers or other ways to confirm your identity)

👉 Credit and payment history verification

The next step is to verify your payment and credit history. At this stage you need to indicate your citizenship, and then you need to enter your personal data. Depending on you, this will be either an ID card or a passport. For people from abroad, we also accept residence cards. Once you have marked the authorizations to perform the check, you will be able to proceed to the next step, which is verification of earnings.

👉 Income verification

As part of income verification, you need to provide documents confirming your employment and the income you receive from it. If you chose to log in to your bank account during the identity verification and are employed under an employment contract or contract of mandate, and your income is at least twice the rent, then at this step, you will only need to attach a document confirming your employment, such as a signed agreement by both parties or an employment confirmation letter. Information about documents that must be sent can be found in the Earnings Verification Policy.

After submitting documents, our team will check your documents and we will do it within an hour on business days from 9am to 6pm.

After completing all the steps, we will issue a verification result, which will be shown in the summary on the Tenant Certificate.


If each of the stages is completed, it means that we have sent information to the Landlord or Real Estate Agent about the verification result. You can then contact them to agree on the rest of your rental details 👌.

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